some people say it is important to keep your home and your workplace tidy , with everything organized and in the correct place. what is your opinion about this ?

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see that, everyone understands the significance of keeping one's house and working space clean and well arranged. In my opinion I completely agree with the notion of cleanliness and the essay will explain in detail about it. Firstly, this results in a healthier living situation around the world. People who regularly clean their workplace or home tend to be more relaxed and healthy compared to others. This is because of the clear air circulating thought out the area due to lack of accumulation of dirt and dust that, otherwise causes air contamination. For instance, a research project revealed that the probability of developing COPD and asthma is directly proportional to the concentration of pollutants in the air. Thus, breathing in fresh air decreases the chance of respiratory diseases. Secondly, a neat and well organized place helps to save a lot of time. Most people spend a lot of their valuable time in the morning, in search of common things like car keys or wallets, that they end up being late for work. Besides, a well organized workplace not only looks good, but also provide satisfaction. For example, a health survey conducted showed that, people at work tend to be tensed or stressed out to an extent that, it is hindering with their performances and many employees have reported that untidy working environment as the main factor. In conclusion, the common practice of keeping our home and office neat and clean has been agreed by everyone. And I favour this behaviour because it is a great method for living a peaceful, relaxing and disease free life.
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