Some people believe that computers are more a hindrance than a help in today's world. Others feel that they are such indispensable tools that they would not be able to live or work without them. In what ways are computers a hindrance? What is your opinion? You should write at least 250 words. Use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and with relevant evidence.

It is frequently asserted that a computer is more a hindrance than a help, while some people still contend that these modern tools are indispensable. It is my contention that in some ways computers are unhelpful. However, the advantages of computers, in my view, largely outweigh the drawbacks. There are a number of presumptions that computers are a hindrance, yet some of them are true. It should be noted that the advance of technology not only develop the positive sides but also the negative ones. For many, computer viruses are created to make difficulties for users. As a result, the important data will be lost if the users cannot manage well. Another example is that there are lots of hackers that are eager to take advantage in this field. Consequently, if companies who have online systems, such as banks, etc., do not aware of this problem, a number of financial frauds will be occurred. Along with these disadvantages, however, computers can provide effective in many ways. People can enhance their productivity in daily work because computers can quicken their work instead of using manual methods. Moreover, many online systems, such as banks, to continue the example from the previous paragraph, are reliant on these tools. The Internet, in addition, indeed, needs computers to be applied and developed. This necessarily follows that without computers the improvement in technology will level off. To conclude, in spite of having many drawbacks, I certainly believe that computers have taken a profoundly important part, and hence these tools play a crucial role in human lives.
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