Some people believe that success in life comes from hard work and determination, while others think that there are more important factors such as money and appearance. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

No one can deny that the successful life is the most desirable goal in their career. As far as the factors impacting achievement is considered, there are various deciding factors so there are debates which is the most crucial contributors, for instance, some people argue that poverty and physical beauty are necessary, however others believe that abilities, such as determination or hard-working are essential to achieve success in growth. I personally agree with later idea, and I believe that personal efforts prioritise than gifted factors, including good looking and a large amount of asset. Some sets of peoples argue that personal finance and charming appearance makes people to reach a peak of their career and life. In the first place, the good looking is essential to attracting other's favour, considering the human nature, people prefer the beauty than an ugly one, thus those people who with a beauty will be easily recognised one's abilities in a work, then it leads to them promote faster than ordinary people. As a result, they are highly possible to win in life. On top of that, for achieving the success, the seed money is a crucial, for example, people who have enough asset to invest can start their own business much easier than people who need to a finance loan. They will seize a chance to ensure victory in the fields. Admittedly, I partly agree with two factors that a personal best looking and poverties, on the flip side, there are more valuable contributors that reaching the peak of a career. Some folks believe that personal abilities, such as a great series of decision-making skill and a hard-working, play a pivotal role in achieving the sneers. More specifically, the hard work helps people gain some valuable experiences in aspects of living. To illustrate my point, if a young student practice several times, some kinds of assignments in college and home, they are likely to minimize the risk of repeating the same mistakes so they have the tendency to get high scores in the formal exam. Secondly, determination gives us the motivation to set up goals that become the foundation of success. As a result, this is an essential skill to allow people to overcome complex problems in all situations and always keep moving forward to reach long-term goals. In conclusion, although money and personal appearance have an influence on achievement, it seems to me that hard work and determination are dominant factors to get the highest achievement.
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