An increasing number of people are buying what they need online. what are the advantages and disadvantages for buyer and online companies?

E-commerce is trending these days and a lot and a lot of people are making use of it for their needs. The benefits to the buyer are available products from across the globe and convenient. However, the drawbacks are associated which quality and hassle in exchange especially electronics. Online companies earn great profits as well as losses. In this essay, I will further explain the points in detail with examples. Firstly, shopping online is convenient, it saves time, which people spend visiting malls. Secondly, a person can buy any goods which do not originate from the region by providing wide arrange from the world. Additionally, the delivered at the doorstep which reduce the pain of lifting the products till home. Amazon, for example, is one site from where an individual can but anything like food, electronics, books, clothes etc. Hence, many things to offer under one umbrella with just one click. However, with the benefits, it also has some drawback like exchanging electronic product since it acts as a middle man the end user faces issue if the item is faulty. Unlike it is explained in the shop about the details the same is not done online which leads to confusion while buying. Secondly, organisations earn a tremendous amount of profit ration which benefits the company to grow in future. For instance, Alibaba earns 89% of profit every year because of proliferating customer and gives financial stability to them. But along with the profit it also faces the loss like if the customer cancels the order or demand or replacement it involves an additional cost of delivering the good twice. In conclusion, the e-commerce site has advantages as well as disadvantages to both end-user and firm. For the buyer, it is flexible and spread of material available from anywhere. Moreover, it acts as a third party that the reason earn profits, but suffer from waste when customer demand for exchange.
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