Some people think that environmental problems should be solved on a global scale while others believe it is better to deal with them nationally . Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Some people believe that environmental problems and issues must be negotiated on an international scale while others oppose and think that it is better to evaluate them nationally. Although it is believed by some that it is better to answer this complication nationwide, I opine that it is far better to involve the developed countries into the issue as most of them have already tackled the issue. The concerned authorities and organizations, who are the councils of environmental issues, must take adequate steps and measures to resolve these issues globally rather than domestically. On one hand, certain groups of people believe that environmental issues should be resolved domestically. For instance, the country can plan to take a survey of various places of its country which are threat to mass pollution, and take the right steps to alleviate the problem. In the international survey conducted by Indonesia has revealed that countries that dealt with environmental issues nationally has developed immensely as they have adequate prerequisite to tackle the issues. Therefore, it is recommended that countries take the control of this issue themselves, as this will assist them in improving this skill. On contrary to this, some believe that all environmental issues must be discussed globally in order to explicitly and critically understand the matter and conciliate with other developed countries to reduce the increasing number of environmental problems. For example, it has been seen that if more developed countries conciliate together with the developing countries, the circumstances can change rapidly and phenomenally. The developed countries can even offer funds to non-industrialised countries to reduce issues related to earth. Subsequently, many experts believe that will aid all the developing and developed countries. In conclusion, world pollution and environmental problems have become a worldwide phenomenon and all the countries must hold their hands together to undermine the subject from the roots. I believe it will not only eradicate the affair but also help the non-developed countries to mitigate the problem.
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