Some people believe that teaching children at home is best for a child’s development while others think that it is important for children to go to school.

Education is considered one of the triggers that play a vital role in developing countries, where some societies are of the belief that home-schooling is more effective and beneficial than going to school, in stark contrast, others discern that school is the best place to make a useful interaction between young learners and the teachers. I opine that studying at home has merits that may surpass learning in schools. In this essay, the positives of these themes will be discussed below. In the beginning, home-schooling gives a great opportunity for youngsters who want to learn at their own pace. In other words, pupils may choose whenever they want to study either in the morning or in the evening. For instance, according to a conducted survey, 65% of the pupils prefer studying from their houses at night, by using their laptops, because they want to be more engaged in extracurricular activities in the morning such as working with their fathers. This shows a clear reason why some individuals believe that e-learning is more flexible rather than going to the schools. Nevertheless, Schools offer a better overall educational experience where students are able to learn social experience side by side scientific subjects. To explain, not only do boys and girls learn from their teachers during at a school time, but these young learners also make their social networks. For example, in the United Kingdom, according to an article published in The Guardian, British experts opine that friendships play a crucial role in moderating and raising psychological health of the boys and girls. This means schools are the best place for interacting between other (among) pupils and having (making) friendships. In conclusion, I think one-to-one lessons and home schooling allow much faster progress, and this happens when fathers and mothers have a commitment to learn their children. And if they are concerned about the psychological impacts, I may tell them that many platforms now give a priceless opportunity to create a social life and friends.
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