Some governments spend a lot of public money training individuals to be successful in international sporting events. Some people believe that this money should be spent on things that will benefit the general public instead. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Success in international sporting events not only brings glory to the sports person participating in the event but to the nation as well. Therefore, some countries spent a massive chunk of public money, which they collect from its taxpayers. This results into a debate where a section of society is of the opinion that the taxpayer’s money should be spent on various aspects such as improving infrastructure, education, and health facilities so that it benefits to the countries' civilians. I completely agree with this view and this essay will give discuss the reasons before arriving at a logical conclusion. To begin with, success in international events brings glory and pride of a nation. Therefore, to accomplish this recognition at such bigger platform, most of the governments, including the developing nations drained a huge amount of public money. For example, developing country like Brazil waste a lot of money in preparing their cricket team for the dignity of their nation. However, this extravagant spending would be totally wasteful as there is no guarantee of their athletic success in the international arena. On the other hand, developing countries have other major issues to deal with rather than wasting money on preparing athletes for big international events. Firstly, issues like Education, Healthcare services, and developing the country's infrastructure should be of the utmost important. These are the essential services, which assist in a country's growth. For example, in the current Covid-19 pandemic scenario, health care services are much needed than having glory and pride at international events. All in all, considering there is no surety of the success at international events, I strongly believe that wasting money on preparing sports person, countries should spend money on improving their essential services, which helps in success and well-being of its citizens.
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