Nowadays technology is increasingly being used to monitor what people are saying and doing (for example, through cellphone tracking and security cameras). In many cases, the people being monitored are unaware that that this is happening. Do you think the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

In this era of science and technology, its very easy to monitor the activities of the people by using mobile phones and spy cameras. The individuals being monitored are mostly unaware. The main reason for such an activity is to curb any terrorist activity and I believe that this reason is enough to outweigh the disadvantages like a breach of privacy. The earth has turned into a global village due to an advancement in the scientific research and inventions. Ultimately the crimes have also become more sophisticated and complicated. In order to control any untoward event, there is an increasing trend to keep a constant monitoring by using cellular devices. The most important advantage of this spying activity is to prevent any criminal act and I also believe the same. As it helps the security agencies to counter any unwanted event, so its benefits have overcome the disadvantages. For instance, the crime rate of Lahore city in the year 2019 has decreased many folds due to close CCTV monitoring. Since the technological advancement has both positive and negative impacts on the lives of human beings, so the main disadvantage of keeping an eye on the daily routine of citizens is to breech in the private life without permission. This has inculcated a sense of insecurity among the masses and has, therefore, compelled them to stay away from using the new inventions. So to say, the population will become backward. For example, according to an American survey of 2019, the fear of being tracked has decreased the use of mobile phones in the youngsters. To conclude, I believe that it's very important to trace the acts of the inhabitants in order to maintain peace in the state, but the rulers must develop ways and means so that the common people must be taught the importance and the benefits, so that they should not feel bad about its use.
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