The most effective way to solve traffic and transport problems in the cities is to encourage people from suburbs or the countryside to live in the cities. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Many nations who living in suburbs and urban areas face to traffic congestion and transportation issues. It is claimed that as a solution, people motivate to move into the town and I partially agree with this statement because it is not a real answer for the question. On the one hand, people were living in beyond the city centre could easy to reach their offices and factories. Therefore, it directly negative effect to transport problems and traffic jams and minimize that problems workers encourage to move to the town. For instance, many government and private organizations have allocated staff houses and hostels for staff members. In addition, giving opportunity has been living in the city area as a result of, built a trend reduction of private vehicles. People come to the urban place because they can use buses or by foot for going to work. On the other hand, anybody like to live in the place where they prefer location. Although, home and land are in favourite place vital factor in democracy. Therefore, government should not limitation people`s freedom. Moreover, some nations hate city life due to their behaviour is very complex and expensive. Many works always try to go to work from county side. Another reason is people stay in rule areas is most of houses in urban areas very small. For example, high rise flats and apartments. People motivate to move from the suburbs and countryside to town is not a best answer for growing traffic and transport problems. According to my view, the government should improve the road network and infrastructure facilities in city limit.
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