Few countries think that people aged below 30 can do things like vote for country, marriage, getting driving license etc… while most of the countries oppose. What do you think ?

Most of the countries think that people should do matured things like voting, marriage, getting driving license and so on at 30.Whereas few countries think a little younger age is better. I totally agree with the way that these few countries think. Whilst people are allowed to do these matured things below 30 years, they are in a circumstance to get into the world without the help of their parents, these experiences make them matured in their ideas and thoughts and induce gaining the knowledge to select their own career, life partner and the rest.Furthermore, they become smart enough to survive in society, tackling all odds to achieve beyond boundaries.Hence allowing them to do these things before 30 years, make them more responsible much earlier. To illustrate, if a 19 year old person is allowed to vote, he will definitely know the current political situation of his country. Thereby having knowledge on these things, he would do the better things a citizen could contribute to the country’s development. Many countries think that people may go astray if they are allowed to do these things when they are young adults. But the connotations of it will be they are not ready to face challenges on their own, unable to make right decisions in critical situations. And eventually when they regret for their mistakes, they can’t solve it. Because he may not have years to correct it. If you ask me? People should make their own decision from 18 not later at 30.So the aforementioned confidence in decision making happens only when they are allowed to do these matured things a quite early and not exactly at 30. Considering the detrimental effects of doing these matured things at 30, I think the way that the few countries think was right (I.e.,) doing these things at a younger age before 30.
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