Some companies sponsor sports as a way to advertise themselves. Some people think it is good, while other thinks is has disadvantages to this. Discuss both views and give your opinion?

Sports events have started to be used as a means of advertising several companies and their products.
some worry about the negative effects that the commercial use of sports may have on the activities, I believe that it is an effective way for business owners to gain public interest and for players to improve their performance.
To begin
with, there are some concerns about sporting events becoming a stage of media hypes. The most negative aspect is arguably that spectators may feel more difficult to concentrate on the games.
is because the fields are increasingly full of colourful ads, and more and more viewers become interested in adverts,
of matches.
For example
, a few months ago, there was an incident about so-called the pizza guy in an international baseball game. The issue was that the picture of a man holding a pizza in his hand was so eye catching that those who were watching it started to talk about the model, not the baseball.
On the other hand
, sports sponsorship is an ideal endeavour both for the business and the athletes. What
means is that advertisers can promote their goods and services to a wider range of audience, and sports professionals would benefit in return. Some international leagues of football, basketball and baseball attract thousands of people, which makes it the best place to start marketing.
, outdoor equipment producers,
as NIKE, would love to unveil their new lines of products, a famous player wearing them.
is to catch two birds with one stone; the fans of the personality will be curious about the equipment and the person may perform better in newly released shoes and uniforms. In conclusion, athletic events being supported by private companies seem to do more good than harm to both the sponsors and the team, despite the drawback of keeping rooters from focusing on the sport.
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