"Prevention is better than cure."Out of a country's health budget, a large proportion should be diverted from treatment to spending on health education and preventative measures. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

We can see, undoubtedly, prophylaxis of diseases are considered more than having medication. Since, the medicine causes internal side effects.
, I strongly recommend to prefer preventive steps along with medical studies to be given priority over enhancing health units and attracting the patients. Addiction of drugs must be discouraged.
To begin
with, the key benefit for the prevention is to maintain a healthy life. As medicines assist to relieve and cure a person from illness,
causes side effects that could lead a damage to internal assets of the body.
, a disease can be eliminated, but the damaged organ may prove difficult to get fully restored.
as, if a person violates sops and gets infected with “COVID-19”, the treatment will provide him relief, but cannot recover the damaged lung system to pre-infection.
, the consciousness and avoiding drugs may support to prevent hurting the body. Another purpose in my opinion is, diversion of the budget will advance the lab equipments and educate the public.
, it would drive upgrade the skills and create awareness about certain diseases along with encouraging towards biological research on conical diseases, causes, severe, side effects that are being occurred due to illness or treatment.
For instance
, Pakistan contains limited or average treatment level against Brain tumour; the more health expenditure will enhance research and quality.
, it will drive, launching labs equipped with modern testing machines, diagnosis and rapid result system.
, the medical packages will support to prevent disease spreading along with bio-medical access for unusual infections. In conclusion, the medical training as well as launching of research may play vital role in disease prevention along with modernization. I believe that contribution of large package will rise an incredible benefit. Given
situation, it is recommended to increase share of health education.
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