Living in a country where you have to speak in a foreign language can cause serious social problems as well as practical problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

of the most conspicuous trends in todays world is people migrating to foreign countries and speaking foreign language. There are some people believe that migrants might face difficulty to socialise with foreigners culturally.
On the other hand
, others argue that the problems are minimal, if people are open to accept changes to their traditional roles. I totally agree that foreign accent will not create problems and the below paragraphs will explain them in detail.
accent barriers may create many issues, these are not so serious that they cannot be resolved. The practice of shifting base to a new country is common amongst all classes of people.
For example
, It is obvious that they will encounter problems when it comes to conversing with the local people and may
face similar issues at work. As they do not know how to speak the local dialect, their ability to socialise and perform various day to day activities will be hampered.
For example
, shopping in the vegetable market may seem a huge task.
living in
countries where
ought to speak the country’s native terminology is certainly is certainly going to be challenging at least in the
few months.
For instance
, there are multiple factors that
must consider prior to moving to a new land. The factors will help to cope up with the voice barrier. Prior to moving to a foreign land,
must prepare oneself for what lies ahead.
For example
, before migrating to Germany, where the majority speaks German,
must get acquainted with the basics of the sound. In
age of the internet and online forums, learning a new speech is easier than ever before. Taking help of
’s own compatriots living abroad is another way to overcome
problem. In conclusion, I absolutely concur with the notion that living in another country where conversing in the local style is a must is troublesome, but
trouble is often short lived and brief and can be taken care of by making prior preparations and seeking help from the natives. Do you have an essay on
topic? Submit it below in the comments for a free band score estimate.
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  • cultural dissonance
  • language acquisition
  • communication breakdown
  • interpreter services
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  • bilingualism
  • multilingualism
  • language barrier
  • effective communication
  • cultural assimilation
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