Some parents allow their teenage children to live independently, away from home. Other parents don’t want their teenage children to live away from them. Which do you think is better and why? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Currently, when children grew up, they have choice living away from parents' house or living together. Some parents think than it is useful for their future living separately while another part think differently. I totally sure that teenagers should live away from the their homes, and I will explain why. As you know, living the separately has many benefits.
, if people live far away from their parents it can help being independent. Sometimes, they should make a decision in different situation.
time parents cannot help them. Of course, children may make several mistakes.
, if they go through
situation, it is can develop their mind to the good way.
For instance
, after school some students should choose when they continue their education.
As a result
, they have to decide which one is the best for them.
, living far away from home can teach us the invaluable lesson of living in harmony with other people. We learn to live with many roommates, and sometimes, bear with their bad habits. We learn to tolerate, as well as respect others. Apparently, it is like we are living in a small society, and
will help us a lot in getting along with people later in our career.
For example
, students who live in the university’s campus noticeably different from the students who live with parents. To conclude, from the above arguments, live from the parents can change their live very strong. It is a very good choice for the mind developing and being independent.
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