Today more a more tourists are visiting place where conditions are difficult, such as the Sahara Desert or the Antarctic. What are benefits and disadvantages for tourist who visit such places?

Nowadays it is possible for people to visit desert places. For example, Sahara Desert and Antarctic. This essay will discuss what are the mains advantages and disadvantages to know them. The first benefit is that tourists can know extreme conditions that they never have seen before. Such as, temperatures around of -60C, the biggest ice mountains and exotic animals. The second benefit is that visitors can enjoy unique places in the world because of there are not similar places. The third benefit is that tripper can do recreation activities. For example, to sky on the iceberg in the Antarctic and to rise camel on Sahara Desert. Finally, everyday tourism companies are improving their prices, plans and payment facilities, also they area doing agreements with embassy to facilitate the process of visas. On the other hand, there are the disadvantages regarding to facilities. Because of, there are almost no restaurants, hotels, public transportation or hospitals. For instance, in 2010 the Nigerian Government promoted an expedition for tourist from all over the world ensuring excellent amenities. Nevertheless, many people got sick from bad health conditions. As a result, they lost weight due to diarrhea, stomachache and fever caused to expired food and to drink non-potable water. Consequently, some people are afraid to visit these spots because of that the new was in all newscast of the world. Furthermore, transport system was not enough to move the patients. On balancer, therefore, extreme places are becoming more demanded by tourist despite of countless benefits and drawbacks that it can has. Being the most interesting Sahara Desert and Antarctic.
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