As countries have develop there has been a trend toward smaller family sizes, why does this happen. How does this affect society ?

It is true that the amount of family units has declined significantly, which has led to negative impacts on the society as a whole. There are many causes of
as a lower birth rate, and an improvement in health technology which I will discuss in the following essay. The primary reason of having smaller families is medical technology development.
For example
, in the past, people used to marry at an early age and had a large family, because they did not have the concept of contraception.
, nowadays, there has been an increased the level of education, and
as a result
, people understand the value of birth control and willing to have less children.
, another contributing factor is the high cost of expenditure in daily basis, particularly in education.
For instance
, parents who have a child today will spend on average about $3000, 000 by the time the baby turns 18, according to Department of Agriculture.
, the financial burden can be a major concern for most of the family. In terms of effect on the society, there is no doubt these day aging population are growing rapidly, which has led to negative impacts on the society as a whole. A case in point, elderly people more likely to be neglected in some circumstance. Inevitably, they are lack of supporting system and proper medical care.
In addition
, children more likely to be spoiled because parents pay too much attention their children,
, children may unable be independent and do not know how to deal with difficulties. In conclusion, there is no doubt that
small family seems to be a prevalent trend now days, there are many negative aspects are needed to be considered.
, provided related welfare to support small family,
phenomenon can be alleviated.
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