Several languages are in danger of extinction because they are spoken by very small number of people. Some people say that governments should spend public money on saving these languages, while others believe that would be a waste of money. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is apparent that several languages are disappearing and as a part of the culture, ones should preserve them.
may hold the key on the issue.
, some people claim that it would waste not only time but money
matter has attracted lots of for-and-against the comment. In the essay I will analyse both sides of
and foremost, there are many oral languages all over the world so it is undeniable that it is hard to protect all of them.
, if
invests money on language preservation, they may not have the positive outcomes. As an evidence of
, nowadays, a number people are no longer paying attention too much on studying and collecting languages that are unpopular in the world,
several languages
as English, French, Chinese are on the top list of the most favourite and frequently used foreign languages.
save costs related to communicating with each minority group.
On the other hand
, the variety of languages mean cultural diversities. Languages of each country show their own traditions.
As a result
the government
should spend their budgets on keeping and preserving languages, not only as a way of communication, but
the pride of their customs and behaviours that are part of their own heritage which makes the youth love and respect their countries more. Another reason why
should put the languages under its protection is that it is necessary for several other fields related to science. Some researchers and scientist use languages as a method to understand more about human beings
as their psychology and their
appearance. In conclusion, I believe that it is probably more interesting with the variation of languages in the world.
it may cost a great number of money to keep languages, it would likely to have a negative influence for future genera
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