Some people think that professional athletes make good role models for young people, while others believe they don’t. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It is argued that a sports person can inspire children, but others think the opposite.
, there are many who believe that athletes cannot be good idols because there are many scandals involving them, which can harm young people in many ways.
On the contrary
, I believe that players are good role models for teenagers because children can be motivated by looking at their struggles and winning attitude. Many think that professional athletes are involved in various scandals that may harm their young fans. Once they get famous they indulge in unethical practices
as doping, money laundering and bad attitude on a playground. In some cases, it is seen that young sports aspirants try to become aggressive while playing because they have seen their favourite players doing the same.
For instance
, Mike, a 14 year old football aspirant, was one of the best interstate players, but had
been the rudest on the ground because he was closely following his favourite footballer. Though some players’ activities might have a bad effect on young minds, but
doesn’t overshadow their motivational stories that have inspired millions.
On the other hand
, the athletes’ hardships have inspired many teenagers that make them opt for the sport and even got success. A sportsman has various knockdowns, and yet his constant focus and determination make him to the top. His lifestyle of waking up early in the morning to be fit and continuously practising encourages many children to do the same.
For example
, the Indian boxer, Mary Kom has become a perfect idol for the young girls in her village to chose wrestling, despite social challenges she faced. I,
, believe that a sportsperson’s life story would help motivate youth in many aspects including career. To conclude, professional athletes can encourage many by showcasing their struggles and hard-work. Players have the mindset of winning and that quality makes them a good role model for their young fans.
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