Some people think that drug addicts should be treated like criminals and sent to jail, while others believe that they should be treated like patients and sent to hospital. Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

Drugs have been a controversial topic for years.
, narcotic addicts are unable to control themselves. Some may argue that people who are addicted to drugs need to be punished; sent to jail and dealt with like criminals. Meanwhile, other people think that drug addicts should be treated in a hospital environment.
essay will discuss these two views.
, it will state what I personally believe regarding
situation. In most countries drugs are illegal,
, people who are on drugs should be punished like normal criminals as they broke the law. Sending them to jail will help in several ways;
, it will teach them that their actions have consequences and they must deal with the circumstances.
For instance
, after getting arrested the pill user will try to avoid using it in the future resulting in a lower crime number.
In addition
, research exists stating that treating
issue as a criminal offence with lead to a decrease in drug addicts.
, the benefits of treating them as criminals proves to be more effective. Despite
, some people believe that drug addicts are sick,
, must be treated like patients and get the help they need in a hospital.
will help these people to be sober without the need of punishment.
, they will be less angry towards the government but, thankful. In my opinion, it is especially important to help heal these addicts
of punishing them.
, if the same type of behaviour continues,
they should be treated as criminals. To conclude, the benefits of arresting them cannot be denied. In spite that, our main goal should always be to help and not to punish as it will help in the long run.
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