In many countries today there are many highly qualified graduates without employment. What factors may have caused this situation and what, in your opinion, can/should be done about it?

It is true, that a plethora of talented fresh graduates is not succeeding in career search nowadays. The problem is summoned with a myriad of factors, including family issues or a lack of opportunities in the particular area.
, I strongly believe, that employers are
playing a significant role in the recruiting process, and I will be defending my opinion in the following paragraphs. On the one hand, human resources specialists, the ones who are responsible for attracting new talents, are not qualified enough themselves to recognize a skilled individual.
For example
, a year ago, when I was looking for an internship in the external communications field, I received a few invitations for work interviews. As I recall, I felt mostly excited about the customer service trainee position at Diageo, the famous alcoholic beverage company. When I arrived at the spot, I was given a thorn welcome and a set of ambiguous questions.
, I
received negative feedback regarding my answers.
, the provocative and unethical attitude of a senior recruiter can push anyone away from pursuing a dream position.
, a proper training for the working consultants is strongly required.
On the other hand
, the worldwide pandemic caused by COVID-19 in 2020, still deprives the talented individuals from any options to stand out. To illustrate, according to the statistics, almost 70% of young specialists ended up without having a place by the end of their studies. Unluckily, as the majority of agencies are doing their responsibilities online, a fresh graduate is not capable of negotiating with his future employer in person.
, the companies are not coming up with good offers and salaries nowadays.
For instance
, the average wage in Hungary is varied from 500 to 800 euros per month for a junior specialist.
, hundreds of students with the highest of qualifications will not be satisfied with
proposal, due to the rental coverage and many other expenditures. In conclusion, most well-skilled graduates are lacking the work opportunities due to the obnoxious treatment from recruiters and non-competitive salary packages. To tackle a problem, the future employers should take a better care of their workers.
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