Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People are never satisfied with what they have; they always want something more or something different. Use specific reasons to support your answer.

Undoubtedly, these days, it is often argued that people are not happy, neither with whatever they have, nor with whatever they will obtain. I completely agree with
statement entirely. For many reasons, which will be mentioned below the essay.
of all, people don’t like to repeat the same thing everyday, they want to be different in
. Due to more competition in every field, people want to do challenging work
conjunction used in comparatives
other people.
only they will reach to their goal. Doing the same thing in
is boring, everybody need change in their
. To put it differently, people want to improve their living standard so that they never satisfied with what they have.
For instance
, in a company there are many people with, sometimes equal interests or different ones. To climb the ladder of the success in a company, people
with a difficult and challenging task to be number one and get more appreciation.
In addition
, some people think earning more money will increase their status in the society, and the is a common culture in our society.
For example
, college students want to wear colourful, stylish and trendy clothes. They don't want their friends to wear the same dress, because they want to look different and special. From what is mentioned above, It can be realized that people are never satisfied with what they have because they will be happy when they are honoured by the other people.
, human beings have a nature to explore new horizon and want to know whatever they have and don’t have. In
technological world science is giving us new technologies
and people wants to adopt new technology for change. People can improve their living surroundings and invent a great number of useful equipment
as television, computers, the Internet and so on which can help people feel convenient.
For example
, no doubt, all of us in 20 years old, only needed a mobile phone, but in 30 – year old, we want to buy a car and in a 40 - year old, we will desire to buy a home, which can affect us to be sad. In conclusion, I strongly believe that people always want something more and different. Because it helps to avoid you to get bored, become recognized in the society, and change helps to run faster with
technological world.
, I totally agree that people never get satisfied in
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