convenience foods will become increasingly prevalent and eventually replace traditional foods and traditional methods of food preparation to what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion

Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the usage of convenience foods among the young generation than the traditional foods. Many people believe that convenient dishes will replace the traditional foods and its preparation style. In my opinion, it is impossible to take away the ancestors food cultures and the preparatory styles by the modern food style. To commence with, there are mainly two reasons for the English in the usage of convenience foods. One of the major reasons is that most of the people in the present era are busy with their work so they have no enough time to prepare food in their own home. In detail,in these days most of the people living in a nuclear family and all members have their own duties. As a result of this, instead of homely food they prefer fast food, because it is easier and time saving one. To exemplify, nowadays, we can order the prepared food by using our gadgets. Second reason is that the delicious taste of the junk food. The young generation are very fond of the fast food, because of its attracting taste and the cheaper rate. In addition to that we can prepare it by just pouring some water or cooking for 5 minutes. Thus, this can be e prepared by small children also. However, we cannot neglect the importance of traditional food and its way of preparation. In many occasion, that conducted in our family who use the usual preparatory method and the common dishes. For example, if people conduct a program in their local area they prefer this local food for their party. Moreover, the traditional foods are also the identity of some places. Mainly this is used as a technique to attract touristers. For example, in Kerala there are different varieties of dishes and Thalassery it's a place in Kerala, famous because of the special biryani prepared by them. It is also known as 'Thalassery biryani'. In conclusion even though the trend of packet foods and tin foods are increasing, because it's easy usage, the traditional food and its way of preparation will not disappear entirely from the society as it has some advantages like tourist attraction.
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