Some people think that the internet has brought people closer together while others think that people and communities are becoming more isolated. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Emerging technologies like
the internet
has made mankind's life easier. It is argued that
the internet
plays a crucial role in holding loved ones together, whereas
booming technology has been held responsible for increasing distance among the human kind.
essay will elucidate both the views. To start with, cyberspace has brought families together, which are living in different corners of the world. As there are several
based applications, which allow easy access to communicate with their dear ones.
For example
, my grandparents live in India and with the help of modernized applications, I can be in touch with them by placing video calls.
facility of wireless technology has made accessibility easier to the other side of the globe.
On the other hand
technology is accountable for increasing distance between members of the family. Owing to the fact that every family member has their own access to the online network and they devote a colossal amount of time on social media as they find
very intriguing
, there is a reduced social interaction and bonding with the ones living in their house.
For instance
, in my family I have seen my father and my sister talking over the phone with their friends, while I am sitting
to them.
Thus myriad
Accept comma addition
Thus, myriad
of concern are arising among family members due to its excessive use nowadays. To sum up, every coin has two sides. No doubt,
the internet
has made the world a global village, but its negative impact cannot be neglected.
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