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Some universities offer online courses as an alternative to classes delivered on campus. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

In parallel with the incredible development of technology, online curriculum has become one of the common features of university education, which is gradually replacing face-to-face classes. From my perspective, this movement brings about both positive and negative impacts to students. On the one hand, offering online courses is considered to be very essential to students who always up to the ears with full-time learning schedule, especially those living far from the hall. In other words, online courses offer learners a flexible time to attend the lesson so that they can postpone the lessons to do their job or arrange it easily in their busy timetable without any worries about missing courses taught in the campus. This is extremely advantageous for students who have part-time job, which helps lighten their financial burden. Moreover, by purchasing online courses, students can have an access to the unlimited sources of accurate information which are provided by host academy. Thus, it is very beneficial for students who are seeking for crucial information for their essay, as well as those who slow on the uptake can replay the lesson as many times as they want. On the other hand, online education still has some vital disadvantages which merely traditional classes can afford. Firstly, it is impossible for students to interact directly with their tutors and peers, which plays an integral part in their understanding the lessons. This is due to the large number of students studying online, it is time-lacking for both students and professors to communicate with each other. Secondly, the online learning solution requires lots of self-discipline to become effective, which just a small number of students can make it. For instance, first things may appear on the top are gaming badges, media, following are notifications from Facebook and pop-up advertises, which are real nuisances to the learning process. In conclusion, having online tertiary education as an alternative choice is beneficial to some students. However, I think that the drawbacks are harmful in the long run and it should be taken into account.
Submitted by Kha Nguyễn Trung on
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