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More and more people are eating healthy food and exercising regularly. What are the reasons for that? What can we do to make other people do the same?

Being health-conscious is an inseparable part of human’s life. A healthy lifestyle has gained wider currency amongst people in recent years and many factors are involved in this subject. Personal and health reasons could be the root causes of this growing tendency, although some people do not consider their well-being as an important issue. It seems a healthy lifestyle has increased in popularity and people place a high value on it since it enjoys certain merits. Today, people are more aware of these benefits to stave off further health problems. From a health point of view, good nutrition combined with activity is an important key factor of a person’s life. Because it reduces the risk of obesity and serious illness such as diabetes, cancer and heart problems and on the other side, it will result in overall health. Besides having a healthier life, in the modern-day, most of the individuals have a tendency to keep fit and be stylish. Therefore, they are obsessed with their physical appearance and attempt to have a high-fibre diet and pursue a regular vigorous exercise to burn calories. The link between good nutrition and healthy weight, which reduce disease risk, and improve overall health is vitally imperative to ignore. In spite of many people do care about their health, some do not attach significance to it. The best way to help people make healthier diet and lifestyle change is at large-scale population and policy change. Raising awareness of society by advertising through mass media could play a major part in this case. The public should be informed about the incredible health benefit in which having a balanced diet boosts the immune system and life expectancy. For instance, people who have a normal weight, never smoked and exercise regularly will not suffer from serious diseases and live on average longer. Also, governments can guide people toward healthy habits by imposing high tax and regulation of unhealthy foods. They can control or restrict junk food advertising which has poor nutrition and instead encourage fast-food restaurants to offer healthier alternatives. If people have guidance and laws help them to live healthier, they will experience a precious existence. To conclude, many people are conscious about their overall well-being and their fitness. While governments have a significant role to play in public health, only individuals should take control of their own lives and make decisions that will truly benefit their wellness by sticking to a good and balanced diet programme.
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