The government and individuals are spending too much money on national celebrations like new year or festivals. Do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, as a part of the celebrations governments and individuals tend to spend stupendous amounts of money on some national celebrations like new year, and public festivals. In my opinion, I agree with
statement and we will discuss the relevant attributes for it.
, entertainment is the basic instinct of human life.
, everybody has their own styles and preferences, when it comes to celebrations.
, some yearly festivals distinct to that particular region or province have to be celebrated grandly, because as stated earlier, it is only once in a year. Indeed, it is the representation of rituals and heritage to a larger audience out there.
For example
, when a country is organizing a large event in order to celebrate its national day, it will definitely be noticed by the people all around the world, so it's better to execute in a grand way.
, some big things are not up to ourselves, it is far more beyond the limit.
, certain festivals are deemed to be rare occasions. In that case, it is pretty apparent to enjoy things in a memorable manner.
, these celebrations will hold a special place in history, and it will be portrayed in literatures.
For instance
, in South India, some traditional carnivals will only be held once in 30 years. Which, having a huge
to follow, and
it will be recognized as a major event to be registered in poems and arts.
, events have to be relished and remembered for a quite a long time. In conclusion, though the money spent is too high, the end results and outcomes of the investments are absolutely beneficial.
, after a certain period of time in life, when we look back at our lives, there has to be sweet memories.
, we go through struggles and failures, the beautiful past will always bring smiles to our hearts.
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