Traffic and housing problems could be solved by moving large companies, factories and their to the countryside do you agree or disagree.

Traffic and house related problems can be resolved by locating major companies, factories in the countryside. I agree, with
statement completely. As, these all make the country very crowded and due to that the difficulty level of the citizen increases. Nowadays, the increment in traffic is a big issue as, people complain about it now and
. It seriously is a problem as they get late for their jobs, and many other important tasks. Sometimes, even the ambulance gets stuck due to congestion.
, there is a parking problem as these large institutes have multiple number of workers and almost every worker has their own vehicle which piles to many count of vehicles.
For example
, statistically 30 % of patients die due to these issues and 20 % of them go to the hospital and the doctor narrates that if you were 5 minutes early I could have saved him.
, these companies use hazardous chemicals and not only that they transfer that into water, which is being used for household activities. Due to, that people get affected in diseases
as cholera, pneumonia.
, that factory
also cause
also causes
air pollution, which is
a great thing to note down.
For instance
, 80 % of these places dump their waste here and there which in effect produce problematic situation. In conclusion, they should be shifted to the countryside so that it can be solved easily.
, speaking if they stop dumping these waste and resolves the traffic it can condemn the decision. So, personally
was my view on
particular topic.
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