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Many teenagers have their own smartphone. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this and give your own opinion.

It can be seen that everyone is busy with their mobile phones.A number of adolescents have their personal smartphones.While it provides easy access to everything and improve linguistic ability, I believe this would divert the child's mind from the study and teenager become more overweight due to over usage of phone. The main advantage of having own phone is that the children get all the information within a few minutes and this can help to broaden their mental horizon.By playing games on mobile, teenagers can learn international language in an effective and enjoyable way.For example, adolescents are able to chat with other country's players through games like PubG.Hence, it allows an access to various languages.Although, I believe it leads to lack of concentration in education and health problems. Youngsters who have a personal cell phone, are unable to focus properly in school because of addiction to this technological gadget.They want to play more games and explore more website instead of study, which make them less dedicated towards their curriculum.If a teenager has their own mobile, he will avoid playing outdoor games and exercise, this results in more obese children.World Health Organization revealed the data that compare to past 20% more youngsters are suffering from obesity related disease such as juvenile diabetes, blood pressure and so on.I think children who have their own phone may face detrimental consequences of it. In conclusion, even though, through mobiles teenagers can get wide details on anything and improve their language, it also causes less determination towards school-curriculum and various health issues.
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