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Discuss advantages and disadvantages of bio technology.

Nowadays, genetic engineering is becoming expanded and developed. Despite this occurrence contribute to thrive of economic and may have good impact on people’s welfare, it deteriorates life of living organisms. Biotechnology is able to save a life for huge amount of people. Because, it’s main aim is to create essential medicines, special vaccines for incurable diseases, and discovering unknown features of human genes and organs. Consequently, it is able to restore organs, which are not valid anymore, by new systems. For example, now, people can live without one kidney, as scientists have innovated artificial kidney which can do all functions of it. Additionally, this field improves the financial condition of a country, as it invents additives for foods, which enhance nutritional value and make conventional groceries more attractive. Therefore, these are the main advantages. Although, there are many disadvantages. Firstly, the experiments done during the production, destroys entity of existing creatures. Because, extracting genes and trying to amend something in it is a mockery on innocent animals or people. For instance, several years ago people made a violent experiment on a dog, by replacing it’s body by their new technology. However, it is obvious that this system cannot be used the whole life. This harsh action made people angry and frightened. Furthermore, things as GMO, in spite of that, it’s nutrition damage people’s health by unusual chemicals. In a result, by long term consumption of these groceries people become weaker and slightly worsens the health. So, these are the major drawbacks. To conclude, these days’ performances of biotechnology are becoming wider. This essay discussed considerable pros and cons of this progress.
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