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Some people think that the government should be responsible for crime prevention, while others believe that it is the responsibility of the individuals to protect themselves. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Some argue that politicians should take some workable actions to inhibit criminal factors, but others think that every person should be responsible for preserving themselves. I agree with two sides of the argument because this is a social responsibility for both power and people. On the one hand, some people hold this view that the authority should be taking the responsibility of preventing violations. In fact, they believe the state and its politicians can legislate some practical lows for decreasing and controlling criminal actions. The authority can make some rough lows to punish each criminal person and even it can jail him for a long time. Moreover, the power can raise its observation for immediately investigating crimes by installing more security cameras in high crime areas. Politicians can help police to place some police stations in these locations for more viewing every criminal factor. On the other hand, others believe that each person should be careful of himself. This is to say, people can deter from every risky situation by some useful actions. First, they should not attend in dangerous areas, especially high case districts at night. Take someone who fairly walks at 11 PM in a dangerous neighbourhood for example. He definitely endangers himself in a risky situation which may be attacked by criminal people. Second, the other thing that people can defend themselves facing crimes is learning some practical techniques for the prevention of any lawlessness. These techniques can be some useful self-confidence skills of martial arts sports such as judo and Aikido. In my opinion, either politics or every individual should take responsibility for declining violation. In conclusion, there are different views about controlling criminal actions, but I confirm two sides of these views and agree with this statement that politicians and people will afford every detrimental situation in the country if each one knows their responsibilities.
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