Being a celibrity –such as a famous film start or sports personality- brings problems as well as benefits. Do you think that being a celebrity brings more benefits or more problems?

The life of the famous people,
as the actors and the sportsmen, has both the benefits as well as the issues. I believe that the advantages overweigh the disadvantages, as they enjoy more perks than the commons and are being looked after everywhere in a very special way. The celebrities live like a VIP where ever they go.
superior status makes their living more comfortable and hassle free, and I
believe the same. The well known stars of the games and the media industry get the priority in every walk of life,
for example
travelling, living and dinning.
, they are even given the status of a state guest wherever they visit.
, they get the relaxation in the rules too, being the diplomat of the nation.
For instance
, the football star Messe got his tax rebate in 2019 due to his popularity in the world. So, all the famous ones enjoy protocol throughout their tenure.
On the other hand
, there are a few drawbacks as well attached with the celebrities.
, they can't move freely here and there.
, they are always surrounded by the public which greatly disturbs their privacy.
, their living is so much complicated, being a public property, that they can't lead a simple routine.
For example
, the legends like the Michael Jackson have to hire bodyguards for their protection.
, their life is too much complicated. To conclude, I think that the comforts associated with the unique individuals are more and these are because of the love and care given to them by the masses.

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