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Some people believe that children are given too much free time. They feel that this time should be used to do more school work. How do you think children should spend their free time?

There has been a constant debate going on regarding how children should use their free time. While some argue that they are having too much time and it should be utilized to do more school work and studies, another set of people believe that they should play and use that time for extra curricular activities On the one hand, some people are of the opinion that children these days have too much free time and they are not making use of it in productive ways. Although kids these days are loaded with homeworks and spent most of their time studying, they still feel this is not enough and they need to work harder. Besides, competition is too much these days, even in primary schools and parents want their children to achieve the highest position in all exams. They claim that the more the study, the better their future will be and hence force them to do academic work even during holidays and weekends. Needless to say the pressure society is putting on parents, they show the same towards children. On the other hand, another group is on the opposite side of the argument and advocate others to provide children with enough free time to play and grow up enjoying every moment of childhood. If they spent more time with family and friends, they will become closer and this will in turn help in their development. Children learn good deeds and thoughts from the elders and hence those from a happy family often knows how to deal with difficult situations in the future. Besides, they will also have time to find and nurture their hidden talents like painting or dancing. Extra curricular activities will help to develop creativity and imagination, which will make them capable of dealing with real life situations. Not to forget the importance of sports and exercise, which should be a mandate for all kids. To conclude, nowadays, everyone is going through a stressful life and children also are in the same situation. It is best if kids are allowed to grow up playing and enjoying with friends and family so that they are well equipped for the upcoming struggles of life.
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