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Children today spend a lot of time on playing games and they spend little time on sports. What are the reasons and what should be done to tackle the problem?

In the age of information and technology, digital games have undergone a transcendent surge in the ubiquity among adolescents as opposed to sports and other physically-demanding activities. This essay will shed a light on the key contributors to this tendency and, furthermore explain why the merits of this will be overshadowed by its demerits in the long run. There are several foremost causes leading to this inclination. Chief among them is the lack of parental care and guidance. To illustrate, in order to meet the working demand and put food on the table, some parents have to deal with heavy workloads. As a result, children who can be easily swayed by the splendid, vivid graphic and vibrant sound effects of games may fall victim to online games addiction. This situation is also attributable to the ease of accessibility. In other words, in this modern era with the boom in the number of virtual games, youngsters can approach a plethora of games in just a click of a button. To my firm belief, regardless of some advantageous points of games, there are several adverse impacts on the frequent game players. Digital games undeniably have high sense of entertainment with fun-filled plot and epic fighting scenes which can help users unwind. However, long-time exposure to the screen without movements can harm their eyes and backbones. Apart from that, pupils those who allocate lots of time experiencing digital games may overlook sports and exercise may lead sedentary lifestyles and suffer from some chronic diseases like myopia, hypertension and obesity. In conclusion, virtual games rather than sports have become increasingly favorable among youngsters due to various compelling factors. This trend may seem a double-edged sword, but in the long term this will have negative influences towards young people in terms of their.
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