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Some scientists believe that in the future computers will be more intelligence than human beings. While some see this as a positive development others worry about the negative consequences. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

There is no doubt that computers have become an essential part of our lives. It is often argued that in the future, if computers eventually become smarter than humans, the results can be catastrophic. While many disagree with the aforementioned view, in my opinion, it is true. Computers have already made our lives easier and if they become even more intelligent than humans, it will certainly open up a lot more opportunities for us. We can utilize them to explore places and explore where we cannot reach. Moreover, there intelligence can be used to research alien objects to get much faster results.For example, a robot was sent to Mars last year by the USA, which roamed around the entire planet for a month, captured photos, analysed them and sent them back to NASA. The entire expedition was not only successful, but also could be completed in lesser time than expected. Therefore, instead of sending humans to an unknown territory and thus, risking their lives, a computer can do the same job more accurately and simultaneously can save time too. However, there are disadvantages too, as a lot of jobs will be at stake if this happens. Companies will prefer to invest once and get a computer which will do the job of hundred associates accurately in a moment. Rather than paying multiple people for several years, this option will undoubtedly be given preference, which may have serious consequences like loss of jobs, riots etc. For instance, we have already seen data entry and other basic jobs getting replaced by computers. Human labour is no longer required in many factories because they are buying machines for the same work. Hence, to give a computer the opportunity to become the most intelligent can have detrimental effects on several human lives. In conclusion, according to me, if we make the mistake of making computers smarter than humans, it will do more damage than good as it will mean they will have the power to replace humans in many ways. We should be using computers to make our jobs easier. Nevertheless, it should not be in a way that will be harmful to our society and economic and may challenge our own existence.
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