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Air transport is increasingly used to export fruit and vegetables to countries where they cannot be grown or are out of season. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

A lot of countries, which are unable to grow fruits and vegetables in the off season, are being exported these in a staggering rate by airway.This essay will first suggest that availability of foods throughout a year and a standard quality of these are the primary benefits, while excessive use of pesticides are the main drawback. The principle advantage of exporting is citizens of cold countries are able to get foods from tropical nations throughout a year.Hence, people would not be bored of eating a few types of meal every day.Moreover, exported eatable products are always up to the mark because the production companies have to meet the criteria of the countries, where they are going to export.For example, the Canadian custom department revealed that, the vegetables which are imported from Mexico, are always in best quality. The major demerits of it that the fruits and vegetables become high in cost due to import charges.So, only an affluent people afford it.For instance, a survey by The London Times newspaper gave report that, 30% of the public in London would prefer to buy tomato puree, instead of purchasing imported tomatoes, which are costly.Additionally, to maintain a quality and a freshness, farmers use more pesticides, which are harmful for health.Due to this people would face various health related issues, such as, allergic reaction and food poisoning. In conclusion, although, variety and standard food available to the local people, these vegetables and fruits are also in high selling rate and extreme usage of chemicals on it would affect people's body.
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