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Many students choose to take a gap year before starting university, to travel or gain work experience. Do you think this is a good idea or a waste of time?

Nowadays, education has an important role in our lives and many students, as well as their parents believe that it is necessary to get an education as soon as possible and then get to work and to begin an adult life. Certainly, there is another group of students who considers that it is necessary to have some time before entering university for travel or work experience. In my opinion, the choice of a future profession and enrolment to the university is a very significant step and I am rather inclined to agree with this opinion that this gap is quite useful for the future of students. One of the most important features for this interim year is to spend it quite productively. I am familiar with several examples from real life, when people decided to take an annual break, found some temporary part-time jobs and eventually did not return to any serious work. Another example is that not having the opportunity to be left alone with their thoughts, following some advice of their relatives, students make the wrong choice and as a result they will totally change their kind of activities or continue to work on their unloved job for the rest of their lives. Additionally, I would like to stress that in some countries, for instance in Russia, boys after they have graduated school have a military duty and former (recent?) scholarship. are faced with a serious choice - whether they will go to university or to serve in the army. Therefore, many people simply aspire to enter any university regardless of their interests in order to postpone this process. To conclude, I would like to point out that in this issue everything depends on the student’s personality – in case if they are going to spend this time wisely and find answers to their questions, they definitely should get this year. However, if this solution just an attempt to postpone the beginning of adulthood, then I do not think that this is a good decision and it is able to lead to the positive consequences.
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