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Some people believe that children are given too much free time. They feel that this time should be used to do more school work. How do you think children should spend their free time?

Childhood is a beautiful period in everyone's lives and every child has a right to enjoy their childhood. During that period, kids are no need to worry about anything, no financial issues, no family responsibilities and no stress. They are innocent, ready to learn about the world. They usually have a lot of free time, even in the primary stage of education. Some people think that this should be used to do more school work, I completely disagree with them and I will explain why in this essay with an example. Education should be taught in a proper way, so that kids should enjoy learning. Assigning a lot of home work to kids doesn't give any good results. Childhood is very precious for anyone and it is the time that shapes an individual's personality. Education should, in a way that it teaches everything in an interesting way, so that kids learn things with joy and fun. In free time, parents should make kids to play mind games, which improves their intelligence and memory. Playing active games will improve their physical strength. Today's education system will mostly concentrate on the marks and grades, which never decides one's capability. In the race of the ranks, parents and schools are killing the joy of the childhood. Giving a lot home work may put unnecessary stress on kids, which may lead to a Truma or unwillingness on education. My uncle's son is a brilliant kid. He started his education two years and that school started giving a lot home work immediately after start. This puts a lot of burden on him and after a few months he is reluctant to study
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