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Some people believe that reading stories from a book is better than watching TV or playing computer games for children. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is said that children should read stories from a book, rather than watch television or play games on the Internet. I completely agree with this point of view that brings more advantages than disadvantages. There are many reasons why reading stories from a book is good for children. First, reading books is a good hobby which is widely encouraged by almost people all over the world. For example, Bill Gates, a billionaire and founder of the biggest software Microsoft, said that books are an important part of his life. Second, through reading stories from a book, the youngster can learn meaningful lessons about the world around them. This means that they can deeply understand how to make life more beautiful and interesting. Finally, reading stories is also a reference source for children to do their homework. They can use good quotes into their assignment which makes their assignment better. Furthermore, reading books also help children to develop brain and broaden their knowledge. For instance, they can advance their imagination by the virtue of reading interesting stories that make them feel excited. In addition, watching television or playing online games is detrimental to their health if they addicted to them, nevertheless, reading books helps them relax and enjoy after a hard day’s learning. Last but not leasts, reading books also changes a person’s character. In conclusion, on the whole, based on the above discussion, I agree that spending spare time reading stories brings more benefits to children than watching TV or playing computer games.
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