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Many can’t speak or present well in public. Some people think that it is important to speak well in public, so the training should be from school. Do you agree or disagree.

In the contemporary era, it is often argued by some people that in public places people should know to talk very well. I strongly agree with this opinion and in this essay I will state the reasons of my view. The most compelling reason for holding to my view is that at work place people need to attend the business meeting very often. Almost many industries prefer their workers to present their project which they were involved in the client discussion. For example, multinational companies such as Facebook, Google and Twitter encourage all the staff to explain the details of ongoing projects in the large group of crowds. As a result, the employees feel more confident and trust in their company development. Another sense from my point of view is that about job interviews. For finding a good job all need to attend the job interview for a reputed company. Even though, it is a short discussion people are needed to talk with more confident about their own profile. The Asian countries are prime examples, because the interview success rate is surge form 80% to 90%, whereas in Russia gradually surge down from 100% to 80 %.Therefore, good communication skills are must for securing the profession. A final reason for my viewpoint during travelling around the world. Citizens are like to travel around the world to make more memories. So, their strong communication skills they will able to travel without any language barrier. For instance, the New York Times newspaper publishes an article about speaking in public gives a worry free travelling. In conclusion, I strongly believe with this opinion about the importance of speaking in common places. This is because of public speaking are not easy to without proper speaking techniques. Given this situation, it is recommended that government around the world should think about implementing this form communication skill set from childhood days.
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