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It is often said “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Do you think people should adapt and accept the culture of the country they visit? Do you think it is possible to learn a culture without learning the language?

For a long period of time society has been developing a certain body of laws, along with customs and rules as the distinctive features of cultural heritage. At the same time, the issue of behaviour in the environment distinguished from the usual one has aroused heated discussions since the formation of moral bases. What philosophy of life should exist in any community? To begin with, people can ease staying in the country tremendously by adapting and accepting the style of cultural traditions. For example, in some oriental nationalities even clothes can carry some strict messages - there are types of clothing that do not allow knee-opening and décolletaging for both men and women. In other words, people must respect the customs of the region the arrive in and wear the clothes typical for that area and follow their morals. This model of behaviour, aforementioned above, is beneficial for the new-comers too, for in this case they will be highly welcomed in the country of their arrival. On the contrary, there are several factors that play an essential role in understanding cultural mentality that give a definite answer to the question if there is any possibility to penetrate into the traditional layer with no knowledge of even the basics. The ability to maintain the dialogue in the language of the hosting country provides a deep dive into the local atmosphere. To put it differently, language is not only considered a method of communication, but also a way to experiment and explore the local habits and ways of living. For instance, the lack of knowledge in the mother tongue of the country you stay in will prevent from tourists in participating in daily activities of the locals. Despite that, the knowledge of the native language cannot be adopted as a unique option to understand the natives. Far from that – the universal language (in this way we speak about English) can be used as an alternative. Analysing all the issues mentioned, it can be concluded that respecting foreign traditions while visiting their territory is a significant point of a successful visit. Learning some everyday expression for an easy communication is also very advantages.
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