Governments should be responsible for funding and controlling scientific research rather than private organisations. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people believe that the scientific
should be funded and controlled by the governments and not by private bodies.
there are convincing arguments on both sides, I strongly believe that the state should play a central role in providing financial support and controlling scientific
. One benefit of the
funding is that the authenticity of the scientific work will increase. We are well aware that corporations always strive for profit. If private companies are allowed to provide monetary aid, they could influence the results of the study.
For example
, if a pharmaceutical company develops a new medicine and is allowed to fund a large scale clinical trial to determine the efficacy and safety of the cure, a conflict of interest will be created. The company would want to prove that the new drug is safe and effective even if
that is
not the case.
highlights the importance of maintaining independence of the
work, which is only possible if the state is controlling and funding it. Not only
, monetary help from the ministry will increase the amount of scientific work as well. Many a times, researchers find it hard to secure financing for their proposed study.
, they resort to private sources for it. In the presence of the
support, it will become easier for researchers to secure required funds.
For instance
, a randomized controlled trial for establishing the efficacy of a particular drug requires a number of expensive investigations.
a high cost is beyond any individual's own capacity, but with the state's support,
trials can be successfully conducted.
will add valuable information to medical knowledge. To conclude, it is abundantly clear that with the help of the
funding and control, not only the amount of the scientific
its authenticity will increase. It is strongly recommended that the
should have a pivotal role in managing and financing future
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