In education and employment, some people work harder than others. Why do some people work harder? Is it always a good thing to work hard?

It is true that there are people who are more diligent in their study and
compared with other members in society. While I acknowledge the benefits one can reap from being hardworking, I believe the drawbacks outweigh the advantages. There are certain key reasons for working and studying hard.
, by putting strenuous effort on their
, they are gradually getting closer to their goals.
For example
, a worker who
always meet
always meets
his deadlines would be more likely to get promoted to
positions than the ones who do not.
, people who persevere and strive hard for success can take pride in themselves for always trying their best and making the most out of their lives.
, there are people who are very passionate about their
. They are doing it simply because they enjoy the process and the interesting experiences they have while working.
, the shortcomings of constant hard
are far more serious. The primary disadvantage is that it may negatively affect people’s
. Working extra shifts or studying late at night, they all have
adverse impact
an adverse impact
, not to mention the pressure that heavy workloads put on people could cause them mental issues like stress and anxiety.
In addition
, people who are immersed in
all the time cannot maintain a
-life balance. They do not have the time needed to care about their relationships and even themselves,
, they live a lonely and tedious life. Clearly, there is no point pushing ourselves too hard if we could worsen our
, our relationships and our lives. To sum up, working hard is advantageous as it helps us realize our dreams and
put in effect
our desires,
, these cannot compensate for our loss of
, time and happiness. In my view, it is best to set boundaries on our workload and manage our tasks efficiently, so that we can maintain both productivity and well-being.
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