People living in large cities have to face many problems in everyday life. What are those problems? Should the government encourage people to move to regional towns? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

Due to the rapid urbanization, many people in the
cities have started facing several difficulties in living their lives because of the
, overcrowded population, highly competitive markets for employment. In my opinion,
officials should take initiatives to resolve all
problems by providing organized structures and improving the conditions of smaller towns.
, citizens living in
cities usually face air
, which happened due to a large number of cars or vehicles, which have been used by a majority of the population,
for example
, cities like Mumbai and Bangalore have a huge traffic on the peak hours especially when people go out for their jobs.
, over-population is impacting the quality and mood of the citizens
as due to overpopulation every one has their own private vehicles which leads to traffic jam on any ordinary day, wherever any person needs to travel they have to keep a buffer time of 30 mins to reach any destination and even public buses and local trains are fully packed with people, and again travelling is becoming hectic; even for shorter route. Overcrowding is
affecting job opportunities as many candidates apply for a single job opening and as there is a huge competition among the interviewees, which makes difficult for any person to survive in
cities. A potential solution or initiative can be done by the
to make a blueprint of an organized structure and try to balance the supply and demand need when it comes to job opportunities the
should provide more public jobs in various sectors.
In addition
, try to impose laws and rules to mitigate the
for example
, Delhi
has introduced Odd and Even rule for vehicles and
policy has reduced air-
and the officials are encouraging citizens to use public transport as much as possible.
, the problem of overcrowd population can be resolved by improving smaller towns and giving access to proper education, medical and transport facilities and, employment opportunities and establishing MNC or well- known firms in the
towns. To conclude, the expansion of the smaller towns is needed by the
, so that citizens who are facing difficulties in
cities can try or think to give a chance to migrate from the
to smaller towns, but it can happen only when proper facilities are provided.
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