Some people think the increasing business and cultural contact between countries brings many positive effects. Others say it causes the loss of national identities. Discuss both view and give your opinion.

The era of globalisation has made nations around to globe to become interdependent in terms of politics, education, medicine especially international trade and culture exchange. Many regard that the rise in economic and traditional diversity of one nation possess beneficial impacts upon others.
, some object to
idea because of the visible possibility that indigenous values may be perished.
To begin
with, numerous developing countries have been experiencing a rise in employment opportunity and a massive economic gains with regard to globalisation. The modern business has now found its capability to approach customers of oversea countries. To clearly explain
, companies possess a greater chance to have their products increased in sales numbers and to modify their items to become more approachable and more versatile.
, the cultural relationships among countries allow employees to go abroad and learn more new things about their neighbours.
For example
, the Americans usually take trips to Vietnam to experience a wide variety of exclusive foods and learn about the history of their past rival. These people exploit
prospect to improve their foreign foods’ quality, especially Pho and to enhance USA’s historical educational quality.
wonderful the advantages may be, foreign policies may terminate a country’s exclusiveness. Globalization has provided a more diverse world in terms of culture’s quantity. One culture may become dominating and make others disappear. Once the culture of a region completely vanishes, it will reverse the merits which globalization evokes.
For instance
, if Vietnam’s indigenous food like Pho disappears, the amount of international tourists will disappear.
, the tourism industry in Vietnam will fall into chaos and thereby downgrading the whole economic system. In conclusion, though globalisation may benefit countries in terms of the economy, those countries, neglecting its policies about
progress might one day disappear completely off the world map. From my own experience, it is up to every individual’s awareness to not only keeps their identity but
encourages national growth.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • globalization
  • cultural exchange
  • economic growth
  • cultural homogenization
  • national identity
  • cultural diversity
  • international trade
  • investment opportunities
  • tolerance
  • cultural preservation
  • traditional values
  • global influence
  • cultural dilution
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