Some people believe that computers are more a hindrance than a help in today's world. Others feel that they are such indispensable tools that they would not be able to live or work without them. In what ways are computers a hindrance? What is your opinion?

Developing technology makes a human life more effortless than ever before. Certain folks argue that Assistance of the
is lesser than its curbing effects. Where as others believe to be an essential equipment which make life unpredictable without it. I think,
blocks the economical status of the territory which is more important than any other hindrance.
, the prime point of
endurance is that it is declining the manual workforce that would affect the nation's economy at the end. Over usage of anything equipment is harmful for human,
is what the
popularity does. In the other word, it is allowing people to work freely and requiring a lesser number of workers.
As a result
, the diminishing number of individuals is able secure an employment in the field.
would increase the inflation in impoverishment around the continent. Because of
the regime has to allot a vast amount of money for their survival and burden on the economic status surge.
For example
, Oxford study has found that if the
usage increases, the destitute rate in the continent increases too that adversely affects the territory's economy.
the computer
a computer
is the major means of globalization because it provides a plethora of opportunities and facilities for the individuals to work around the globe.
is to say that the
and its knowledge is must to survive in the present era.
For instance
, As per the Austalian university report of the 2019, 70% of the rate has been surging than previous years and it is predictable that
rate would increase
as well. In conclusion, when people use more
there will be more easy options available to expand individually and nationally, despite its adverse effects have more concern as national economy defines the status of the people of living country.
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