People are not paying attention to the environmental problem. What is the cause and suggestions to deal with this issue?

It is thought by many that environmental dilemma is being neglected by people. Several reasons could explain why
could be the case and numerous effective steps could be taken to cope with
problem. On the one hand, there are two primary causes associated with
, most people assume that preserving the environment is the governments’ responsibility
since the
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since, the
authorities have more resources
as money, technological breakthroughs, and human resources to hold that duty than themselves.
, they have been considering their minor actions have no significant impacts on environmental conservation. They,
, tend to draw no attention to protecting the natural world.
, the current national leaders’ policies and strategies were ineffective and improper.
is because there is still a plurality of people and industrialized factories are releasing chemical waste into water bodies.
For example
, Formosa, which is an international company based in Viet Nam disposed of thousands of tons of untreated waste into the ocean, leading to the death of many fishes and other aquatic animal species.
, several fruitful measures could be introduced to resolve
To begin
, governments should raise the public’s awareness of conserving mother Earth through launching educational programs include workshops and training.
For example
, they can establish a “The green day “ campaign to encourage people to plant more trees in their gardens.
As a result
, the more comprehension the citizens gained, the more actions might be taken by them.
, the national leaders need to impose stricter regulations on ceasing the environmental degradation. If those who failed to follow these laws, they would be held accountable and fined severely. Only by doing so can the authorities guarantee people, especially the young generation may engage in
fight against natural depletion. In conclusion, while people’s ignorance of protecting mother nature, governments could do more to solve
issue by strengthening the public's awareness and launching stronger laws.
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