Some people think that physical strength is important for success in sport, while other people think that mental strength is more important. Discuss both views and give your opinion

Nowadays people are more concerned for their health and they prefer to play games. A number of people believe that physical health plays a pivotal
in sports, whereas others insist that mental health plays a significant
in sports. I opine that where physical stamina is imperative, physiological condition is
plays an important
. On the one hand, there are several reasons why mental ability plays crucial
in sports are strategy and focus. While playing the sports strategy is the most important thing. Planning,
for example
, is always necessary to win any
. If a person is playing chess and he does not plan, definitely he will lose that
, having focus in the sports
helps in to get better results and
is only possible if the person has stable mental concentration.
On the other hand
, there are various factors that depict physical strength is significant in sports. If a person is playing long time
without stamina, it is not possible for him to stand. Football,
for instance
, it is of 90 minute games and a player has to run for almost the whole time. Without having stamina, it will be not possible.
In addition
, in some sports,
do long jump, fielding, and defending and all these activities is performed by the body. To conclude,
the focus and strategy is crucial to win the
like chess, without strong body a player cannot win the sports
as football or rugby. Both things have an imperative
to win a sport.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • physical conditioning
  • athleticism
  • physical training
  • muscle strength
  • mental resilience
  • psychological preparedness
  • mental toughness
  • confidence
  • precision
  • focus
  • mental strategies
  • mental fortitude
  • brute strength
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