It has been known that the use of automobiles contributes to environmental harm; however, the number of car-making industries and he frequency of driving are still on the climb. What are the reasons and how to reverse this trend?

A particular issue about the use of automobiles has raised quite a concern at home and abroad. The overuse of vehicles has given rise to severe harm to the environment while the number of car-making companies and the high frequency of driving are still boosting. It is necessary to look at the inherent causes and
look for some possible countermeasures. There contain numerous reasons that contribute to the climbing number of cars-users.
To begin
with, due to the rapid development of technologies, technical barriers have eventually been removed. Industries learn how to incorporate state-of-art cars techniques into their business.
, leading to a trend of the wide use of vehicles which cause profound repercussions of the environment with exhausting greenhouse gases into the air.
For instance
, people are now travelling at a high speed.
, facilitating the needs of transportations. Companies target at
, trying to manufacture cars to meet demands. The following reason is that there are
more energy
more energetic
forms to choose from,
as shale oil, gas, and even ethanol. These energy forms have applied to car industries which
influence vehicles to become more cheaper and affordable for people to purchase. As excessive driving and ownership of cars do pose a threat to the environment, concrete efforts must be made to address
frenzy. On one hand, it is essential to enlighten the public to be aware of global warming and encourage governments to set-up the bike-sharing economy.
For example
, instituting bicycle rental systems, having citizens to choose a gas-free transportations rather than owning a car, which may help reduce greenhouse gases and benefits out living as well.
On the other hand
, giving a more efficient urban design program can help a lot to reverse the trend of cars. As long as people possess a more convenient and safer traffic system, people will be more willing to ride or walk more frequent
of driving. To conclude, when it comes to exploring why the dominance of automobiles has been so prevalent, the causes must be located in the
place while effective solutions have to be designed to counter the problems. It is the most prudent way to address the issue related to the overuse of vehicles.
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