Many people believe thatsocial netwworking sites such as Facebook have had a huge negative impact on both individuals and society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become an important part of our everyday life.
, it is argued that these sites have a devastating effect on the community and the individuals. I strongly agree with the thought that social websites have a profound negative effect.
To begin
with, social networking sites have started hurting relationships. In the present world, people spend a lot of time online.
, they do not have time to visit their friends or relatives.
As a result
, relationships have become shallow.
For example
, in the earlier days, individuals used to have get-
in contact with each other or in proximity
at least once a month, but nowadays most of the people do not even know many of their relatives.
, there are no close helpful relationships in
era. Addiction is another drawback of social networks which leads to failure in almost every field. Most of the people waste hours in front of computers or mobile phones chatting and posting on Facebook and Twitter and
they fail to pay attention to their work.
For instance
, students do not perform their best in the exams or fail because they spend more time online
of studying.
As a result
, social networking sites hinder the progress of the individual and
of the society. In conclusion,
Facebook and
sites are beneficial to some extent, I strongly agree with the argument that they have
more detrimental effect
a more detrimental effect
more detrimental effects
on both the local community and the people. It is hoped that users will realize
and learn to use
platforms more judiciously.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • erosion
  • face-to-face
  • interactions
  • privacy concerns
  • data breaches
  • misinformation
  • polarize
  • cyberbullying
  • online harassment
  • procrastination
  • productivity
  • social isolation
  • dissemination
  • breeding ground
  • vast amounts
  • personal information
  • mental health
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