Some people think that secondary school should add international news as a subject; others think that it is a waste of valuable time. Discuss both views.

It is acknowledged that international news should be added into the curriculums of secondary schools. While some people advocate
, others believe that learning social knowledge could be a waste of valuable time.
To begin
with, it is undeniable that paying attention to the global media could help students enrich teenagers’ understanding of contemporary affairs. From the news of different fields of the world, students would raise their own awareness of the current events happening in their home country and abroad.
could encourage them to do something to tackle with
these problem
this problem
these problems
by researching or volunteering.
For instance
, when thousands of fires are ravaging the Amazon rainforest, by accessing the international news on the Internet, the teenagers from all
of the world reached out to help. From
reasoning, studying international news could be essential for students to learn as a school subject.
On the other hand
, it is
understandable that teaching secondary students would be time-consuming.
, students have to learn core subjects
as Math or Science, so adding international news as a compulsory subject might become a burden to them. They would feel stressful due to the number of exercises and assignments.
, nowadays, there
a host of information sources, so students will be required a lot of time to verify these. In fact, teenagers will be negatively affected by the global media’s focus on
the wars
and crime.
For example
, the criminal news
as kidnapping and murder will make anxious and traumatic for students, even without protection they will imitate the cases. In conclusion, there are convincing arguments for the suggestion of teaching students international news.
, substantive patience and demonstration should be involved in the process of teaching so that efficiency could be accomplished.
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